I’m a “local yokel” who has lived in James City County for 49 years and moved into Colonial Heritage 18 months ago. We’ve needed two EMS trips to the hospital since then. I would like to thank Lisa Ownby for bringing the issue to light.

It’s my understanding that when CH was going through the site plan process, there was a JCC concern about the need for a Lightfoot firehouse and that CH proffered land for a firehouse. Now that CH is almost built out, where is that firehouse? It’s not just a Toano fire station back-up issue; it’s a primary Lightfoot issue of probably the highest order possible in JCC, given that CH has the highest number of homes in a JCC subdivision and it’s full of occupants 55 and older who certainly would have the highest demand per capita for EMS calls.

Ms. Barbara Null’s announcement in The Virginia Gazette describes a lot of personal things and what she has done, but didn’t say anything specific about what needs to be done if she is elected. It appears that she just wants to add another title to her collection. There is far more to being a supervisor than just attending meetings.

On the other hand, Lisa Ownby is truly unique. In my 49 years here in JCC, I’ve never seen a new Board of Supervisors candidate so focused on what should be the No. 1 issue of life, health and safety.

She’s a true leader, and JCC needs her to truly make things better.

Zan L. Cartwright James City County