I must admit that I am very impressed with Barbara Null’s efficiency as a candidate for the Stonehouse supervisor’s position. During her walk through my section of Colonial Heritage, she dispatched my house with eight seconds on my front porch. During those eight seconds, she walked up to my door and stuffed her campaign literature into my door handle, spun around and was off my porch. She didn’t ring the doorbell. My Ring doorbell recorded it.

Her literature had a sticky note on it that said: “Sorry we missed you.” I wished she had rung the doorbell because I was home and wanted to ask her what part she might have played in the delay of the Lightfoot fire station (aka No. 6), which she should have been aware of as a JCC planning commissioner. Why was it taken off the five-year list?

But then I saw where she skipped the normal candidate forum and realized that she was just being efficient by spending the least amount of time on the task at hand as possible.

The problem is that being a good supervisor requires human interaction with the voters. Apparently, Null tries to hide from the voters.

Lisa Ownby rang my doorbell and we talked about many issues that concern me, and from what I’ve seen, she talks to everyone and attends forums for the public. Lisa has the major issues covered already and certainly will for everything else in the future.

Zan L. Cartwright, James City County