In his Oct. 14, 2023, letter, Michael Grimes assumes a level of expertise about being a James City County supervisor who appears to be over his head with misrepresentations. Check the facts at Lisa Ownby’s website:

The school board is not just an “interface position.” It forms policy and budgets and approves capital projects for WJCC schools.

Solar is a “no-brainer” that saves homeowners money and gives property owners an option to make money from their land without selling out to another high-end residential sub-division. This will help to maintain JCC’s rural character, and it will help with affordable housing, which is a JCC shortcoming. Ownby’s knowledge of the fire department situation is based upon common sense, i.e., looking at a map of the current fire stations and then consulting with experts. Station 6 is needed to serve Lightfoot and Colonial Heritage as well as backup for Toano, Ford’s Colony and Governor’s Land. Originally scheduled for a 2021 groundbreaking, Station 6 should have been completed by now. JCC has already hired and trained emergency personnel and purchased fire equipment. Now, they need a fire station. Pretty simple.

Grimes says Barbara Null is someone who “does their homework and knows what they are talking about.” But what is she talking about? Other than touting the tired trope of “cutting taxes,” she is silent on the issues. Where is her expertise and what is her specific agenda?

James Baldyga James City County